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European Environmental Bureau

das Europäische Umweltbüro

About the EEB

How the EEB works

We work to promote environmental issues on a European level and represent the demands of European citizens.

The EEB is Europe's largest coalition of grass-roots environmental organisations. What makes us stand out is our expert insight on a vast amount of environmental issues; ranging from biodiversity, to waste, nanotechnology, chemicals, ecolabel, and climate change and many others.

We meet our members regularly in working groups which focus on important environmental issues, and we then work to promote their demands at European level. Our policy officers are in almost constant dialogue with the European institutions (Commission, Parliament and Council) and strive to improve or protect environment laws in Europe.

The EEB also supplies quality information to the public, its members and the European institutions through articles, reports and papers. We offer expert comment, analysis and recommendations on most of the latest environmental issues.

What is also unique about us is our cross-sectoral approach to tackling issues. For instance, as a lead member of the Spring Alliance we work alongside trade unions and social organisations to promote sustainability. On a more ad-hoc basis we also work with companies and sectoral organisations, particularly in areas of waste and product policy.

Metamorphosis, our magazine, offers the latest news and insights on EU environmental law; sign up to receive a free copy every 3 months.

Mission Statement

Our Vision

Prosperity and Peace is secured for all, which depends on a rich, clean and healthy environment. Responsible societies respect the carrying capacity of the planet and preserve it for future generations, including its rich biodiversity. Effective environmental policies and sustainable development have priority over short-term objectives that only serve the current generation or certain sections of society.

Our Values

The EEB stands for sustainable development, environmental justice, global equity, transparency, participatory democracy and shared but differentiated responsibilities. It promotes the principles of prevention, precaution and the polluter pays.

Our Mission

The EEB is the environmental voice of its members and European citizens. It focuses on influencing EU policymaking and implementation and assessment of its agreed policies. It aims to be effective by combining knowledge with representativeness, active involvement of its members and coalition building.


Secretary General
Boulevard de Waterloo 34
Tel.: +32 2 289 10 90
Fax: +32 2 289 10 99
DNR - Deutscher Naturschutzring
Marienstr. 19-20
DE-10117 Berlin-Mitte
Tel: +49 30 678 177 575
Fax: +49 30 678 177 580


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